Henry & Steve Wynn - Official OP photographer
and longtime friend
Roadie Alan Reinsel 1969 in van on way to gig
Barb & Stuart Jewett
friends Ron Frey (2nd from left) and Dennis
Baker (far right) 1980
Dave Fandray
Dan Reiff & Diane Peterson
James, Virginia & OP
H & Tim Zerkel at NAMM
Mel Deal at NAMM
Nashville - PeeWee, H, Mark
Dan Kimpel
In remembrance of Art Miller.  
With his love of electronics and Hammond organ technical expertise, Art was a big part of the Ohio Power sound.  We'll always be
grateful for all his wonderful Works of Art.  Arthur G. Miller, may you Rest in Peace--you earned it.
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Long Time Friend of OP, Glenn Markley
Larry Bryan & Dave Langstaff
Larry Bryan & Mitch Ryder 1968