LaVon Harper
LaVon Harper
- vocals -
My musical career began in high school with a Doo-Wop
group called the Bermudas.  
Upon discharge from the Navy, I moved to Lima and met up with some local
musicians, among them drummer/promoter Mitch Pemberton.  Soon after, we
formed The Mixed Emotions, which played Rock & Roll and Soul Music.
My change of musical taste fell right in line with those of the MUNX, so the
reorganization of the MUNX with me to create the Ohio Power was totally
natural.  We rocked from the late 60's to the early 70's, and gave me the
opportunity to perform on stage with some of the most popular rock bands of
the time.  
When the Ohio Power ended, thanks to local musical greats Ed Csibi, Brian
Baker, Phil Heil, Tom Armstrong, we formed the TS Eliot band.  When Tom left,
Jim McGarvey took over the bass position and that line-up rocked into the mid
70'sI have many fond memories of all my musical buddies and all our fans, and
am looking forward to Square Fair '08.
When I joined the Navy, my Doo-Wop career followed
me as I performed at military and private venues
around the world.
In the late 60's my musical taste changed from Soul to the sounds of Jimi
Hendrix, the Doors, the Who and heavier music.
We styled ourselves after Frankie Lymon and the
Teenagers, and played mostly fairs and teen dances.
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