Dave Langstaff
Dave Langstaff
- guitar -
                                 Or how I strung the notes together. In time the amp could scream for me, bending the guitar strings allowed me to
soar, or to express the frustration I felt. I picked up my musical vocabulary from all the recorded greats of my day, but it was how I felt
inside at the time charted the coarse of the song. With Rock N Roll you can laugh, cuss, scream, love, put all of what you feel into a
song. Try that with Classical music....
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Dave Langstaff Bio:

I began playing the piano by ear as a toddler. I tried playing football, baseball, and even church basketball,
keeping the bench warm for the other players, before realizing that my gift was music. I gravitated towards
rock n’ roll guitar at a young age mainly because it touched my heart. As an ear player I learned to express
what I felt inside when I would remain on a note, or by the attack  placed on the note.
Pictured below are the Voyagers from Van Wert Ohio. I played with a couple of garage bands in Illinois previously but The Voyagers
introduced me to pro level music.
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