Jim McGarvey
Jim McGarvey
- bass -
Jim McGarvey Bio
I graduated in December 1972 and spent the next 6 months
traveling to New York City, Boston, New Jersey and Columbus,
Ohio visiting friends and seeing the sights.
After Ohio Power broke up in the summer of 1970, I transferred from the Ohio State branch to Bowling Green
State University to finish my BA in Psychology.
I played with that group for a year (1973 to
1974). When TS Eliot disbanded, I got my
first job in social services in Lima.
I moved to Florida in 1979 and have lived in St. Petersburg ever since, consistently working in social service agencies.
In 2004, we had a partial reunion of the Ohio Power with 4 of the 5 members at which time there was talk of a full-scale get together in
Memphis at Henry’s. We didn’t have that reunion until playing at Square Fair became a reality, and that “session” took place in January
of 2008. The sound jelled and we left energized at the thought of playing for our “home town” crowd again.  
See ya August 2nd!
When I came back to Lima I was
approached by Harp to join the band he
was playing with, TS Eliot, which was
going through some personnel changes.
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