Reviews 08'
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I just wanted to let you know how much your performance meant to me!

I never heard the OHIO POWER back in the day (I came because my good friend, Eric Loy, raved about you), but based on the phenomenal
performance at Lima's Square Fair, I'm a retroactive lifelong fan!!  You guys put in a tight, hard-rocking set that ALMOST drowned out the voice in the
back of my head saying, "These guys haven't played together for 38 years!!"  You played with the perfect blend of kid-energy and mature, professional
with a deep understanding of musicianship and performance.  It was only afterwards, in talking to you personally, that the truly heroic level of your
integrity and dedication came across.  Not only had you not played together for 38 years, but some of you hadn't played AT ALL for 15 or 20 years!  Jim
McGarvey didn't even OWN a bass anymore!  Henry was out power walking/jogging 3 miles a day to build up the physical stamina he knew he would
need to play the only way he CAN play---all out and then some!!!  Each of you was willing to give the 300% it took to pull off that one amazing
performance!  I only hope that you were as blessed by the experience as I was.  It was a gem---a treat for every pair of ears and a triumph for every heart
that ever held a dream.  THANKS GUYS!!!!

Your new lifelong fan,
Sandy Ogden.
Hey Henry,
Well, I've gotten the official feedback from my friends (Eric Loy,Scott Zimmerman, Tim Shoemaker, etc.) who all came to hear you guys
in Lima and they were all blown away. Eric and Scott had great things to say about the band, and they both especially thought YOU were on
fire! Eric said you got better and better as the night went on and that you were doing some really out-there kinds of things on drums
that were amazing. Scott said you played like a guy that was 23 years old! It sounds like all of that hard work really paid off.
Kevin Smith
Los Angeles
Ever since 1970, when a handful of my only & best friends/bandmates and I got turned onto the OHIO POWER, we never forgot them and their special
panache which so inspired us.  
Imagine our surprise and excitement then, when we got word that a reunion gig of OHIO POWER was imminent!  Was this a dream?
As I held open the date earmarked on my calendar for the event, I spread the word amongst 'the cool & cognizant', and we headed up to Lima, hours
early on August 2nd.
An hour or two before OHIO POWER were scheduled to take the stage, we staked out our plots smack in front of the stage.  With anticipation, we waited!  
Then...the moment came....YES! There they were; all five! The guys, looking good, broke open the air molecules of Lima's night sky.  The sound was
good, their old tightness of playing together cohesively was prominent, the licks were cool and hot!  Yes!  The POWER was always EXCITING and
August 2nd's performance did NOT disappoint us, nor rest of the giant crowd of eager listeners.  Incredibly, the guys whipped it in professional form after
a thirty-eight year layoff, in a handful of rehearsals beginning in January of the year.  My friends and I were smiling, laughing and digging it profusely;
every moment of it.  It truly was one of the most special, exciting and rewarding nights of our lives!  Although they didn't perform many gems from their
old repertoire, the show was great with Henry H-Bomb Weck deftly pounding out tricky, flashy-hot drum licks in a showman-like fashion, unparalleled and
on par with Keith Moon.  Dave Langstaff's choppy-lick-laden guitar fills were as cool as ever.  Jim McGarvey on bass, was a helmsman holding down the
barrage of fireworks, providing the solid bass we always loved.  Lavon Harper's vocals were clean and clear, but earthy and soulful.  John Supernavage's
keyboard playing was mean and menacing, with John strapping on a portable keyboard/synth at times and even an accordion, once!
Afterwards, when the final chords were struck, we headed backstage to congratulate and embrace the guys, including Mitch Pemberton their beloved
manager from back in the day.  What a treat and thrill for all of us.  Our photos of beaming faces tell the story, but the thrill in our hearts and minds are
even stronger!
Thank You OHIO POWER!!!!   ---Eric Loy
I remember the Jents, Munx and the Ohio Power from days at the Jr. fair Building to the Inn teen center in Van Wert. They were always awesome and I
would watch Dave Langstaff on keyboards then grab a guitar and blow me away with what he was playing. Henry Weck would pound the drums unlike
anyone I had ever seen. I played in several bands in Van Wert growing up and at one time practiced at my dad's business, 2 doors down from Weck's
Body Shop. Dave would come by and sit in on occasion and it felt like one of your heroes was in the room. I had the privilege of getting guitar lesasons
from Dave Langstaff. I would go to his house and he would show me licks and mentor me. Again, I felt like I was in the presence of greatness. It could
have been Clapton, Lennon, Hendrix and the feeling would have been the same. Dave even opened up his fuzz tone occasionaly, LOL, that's a
different story. I also remember him showing me "Communication Breakdown" by Zeppelin before the album even hit the stores. I had a Gibson Firebird
that wouldn't stay in tune, so dave offered to take it to Lima and get me something better. He returned with a 1958 Gibson Les Paul TV model, baby
poop yellow. LOL I still have that guitar today. Unfortunately, I heard about the reunion show after it had already taken place. The best part of all of this
is it takes me back to a time in Van Wert when music and musicians were everywhere. Mel Deal, Beanie Edwards, George Bilbro, Tom Purmort, Barry
Ackom, Dale Rucklos, Dave Dunn, Ron Coombs, Ralph Wieman, Mate Thompson, Terry Elliot, Randy Nihiser, Gary Nihiser seems the list goes on
and on.........and I apologize if I missed anyone. All in all, Ohio Power, especially Henry and Gink, thanks for the memories and thanks for the
encouragement and thanks for the influence.

Bob Vickery
Back when Ohio Power was thumpin', I was just a little kid.  I had two older brothers, Denny & Scott that are 5 & 6 years older than me.  I remember
hearing them and all the other "older" kids talking about Ohio Power.   So 38 years later I'm old enough to go listen to these guys on a reunion gig they
put together at Square Fair over in Lima.   How frickin' cool was that !!!   Wow !   you might say I waited my entire life to get a chance to finally hear
these guys perform as a group again.   Half of Van Wert was there too.  The "older kids" and us young'ns. Everyone who had heard the stories for 3-4
decades, all culminated in Lima for a night to be remembered forever on August 2nd , 2008.   My hat is off to whoever decided to put the reunion
together. And my hat is off again to all the ole musical heros that make up The Ohio Power.   Thanks guys.
Can we hope to hear anything else from OP?

Stuart Jewett
Van Wert
Here are a little behind the scene details that the fans of The Ohio Power might not realize, with some of the obstacles that these guys had to dodge to
“git-r-done”.   This is how I recall it, so if I failed to mention something, hopefully one of the guys can jump in

Last August, after several years of searching, Henry and I were still trying to locate Mitch Pemberton--including about 4 hours in Van Wert before Henry's
high school class reunion. I had left a few email messages for Mitch, but he  couldn't get back to me, or read them without joining All
he knew was that I was trying to contact him. Then in September, after a visit to Lima for a class reunion of his own, a Mitch Pemmerton  (sic) made
contact with Henry through H's website, and shortly thereafter a reunion gig was suggested.  The preliminary plans were suddenly in the works. Rally in
the Square was the first suggestion, but I suggested we get them into Square Fair.  Dan Reiff was contacted, and he advised that Dennis Baker or Diane
Peterson would be the local contacts. A couple of calls and a gig was in the works!

One of the first hurdles around Lima was to find a private and secure place to rehearse, because it’'d been almost 4 decades since they had worked
together. After checking out 4 or 5 possibilities, I found an spot literally in my backyard…..Craig Clymer’s Grove Skateland.   Henry came in from
Memphis,TN,  Dave from Van Wert, Jim from St. Petersburg, FL., Harper made the long trip up from Lima, and Mitch made it from Chattanooga, TN.
After 3 or 4 hours of stories and fellowship, (read whatever you want into that) at another Columbus Grove establishment  (no liquor license, but that
didn't stop them) on October 17, 2007 the equipment was unloaded and set up the next day.  Mitch listened intently as Dave, Jim, Harp and Henry
worked their a##’s off.  Thinking that it was a 90% possibility, things starting moving rapidly. John was contacted again. Next time he'd be there.

With Dave in Van Wert and Harper in Lima, they were able to practice together regularly. Then a rehearsal in late January of this year in Memphis found
the entire band raiding Henry'’s fridge, freezer and wine cellar for a week. Then another week of work in April at a Lima location (plus having to push my
truck out of the mud.... I had to mention that before Henry chimes in ! ).  Then they showed up in Lima a week before Square Fair, including a stop for
some sound checks at Springbrook Gardens, the place that needs no introduction to the area’s rock fans.  Springbrook can probably be called the Ohio
Power’'s birthplace and home.

Sunday, July 27th, was a chance to unwind. We celebrated Henry’s birthday with the band, Mitch Pemberton, his dad Al, Dennis Baker, Dan Reiff and
some of the former employees of Springbrook Gardens at LaCharreada.  They had to throw us out to lock up. We did tip  generously.

The following Saturday was Square Fair, and I can honestly say that at the dinner hosted by the Square Fair committee Saturday evening, there were
no concerns expressed by these true professionals--even though no morning sound check could be done. They were ready, and if they were nervous, it
didn't show.  In retrospect, they say it hurt them for the first two songs, as they heard no vocals in the monitors, and had to cover their butts musically as
quickly as possible.  

The payoff came about 11:30 (almost exactly 9-1/2 months after their first rehearsal back together), when the first chords and beats on the drums were
struck; a fabulous response of the fans to their performance sealed the deal.  Ron Frey had volunteered to do the main mix for old times' sake, and
quickly solidified the new Ohio Power sound for an eager crowd of thousands.  No one could have forecast the mob of autograph seekers and well
wishers backstage when it was over.   IT CAME TOGETHER!!!   

Steve Wynn
Columbus Grove, Ohio  

The Ohio Power (OP) would like to add: Steve, in our humble opinions, is like the 7th member of the Ohio Power, there with our friend and former
manager Mitch Pemberton--#6.  In addition, this wonderful reunion came together because of the incredible faith the core unit at Square Fair showed
in us--even when we may have doubted ourselves.  Diane Peterson, Dennis Baker, Ron Frey, Dan Reiff, Sherry & Tom Krouse, Kim Warnecke, Larry
Bryan, as well as Dave Baker. Stuart Jewett, Ed Csibi, Dave Emerson, Sid Siddall, and SO MANY others we are surely forgetting--spurred us on to the
finish line.  And last, but not least, a very special thank you from all of the OP to our dear friends James & Virginia for opening up their home & rehearsal
space for us to hunker down and work out the musical kinks.  We'll never forget your hospitality and lifelong friendship.

As we say here in Memphis: THANK Y'ALL!  Correction: "THANK YA VERY MUCH!"  The Ohio Power has left the building--or would that be the Square
Fair stage?  But, for how long???????????????????????????  More Power to ya!

The Ohio Power
Hey guys.  My brother and sister in Van Wert called me and gave me the web address for your site.  Unfortunately I could not make it to Lima due to a
previous commitment.  I would have loved to have been there to hear your performance and talk old times.  I could not believe my eyes when I went to
the site and saw the picture of the Voyagers.  That really brought back some great memories.  I will never forget the day that we were practicing in Dave
Hyre’s basement and in walked Dave Langstaff to audition.  He blew us away with his guitar playing.  He immediately became our lead guitar in the
group.  Only problem was we could not find a maroon jacket for him, so he had to wear his old blue jacket.  I don’t know if you are ever going to play
together again, but if you do please let me know.  

Ron Ley
Voyagers drums
Living in Columbus, OH
Stepping Back Into Time With The Ohio Power

It felt like 1969, all over again. Like the good old days at the Van Wert Junior Fair Building, or Springbrook Gardens and Upstairs Ballroom in Lima.
Everything was as it was. The same people, but older now. They piled into their cars, just like they used to, six or seven deep. They came to Lima on
Saturday night, August 2nd, in droves. They came from California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, New Jersey, Michigan,
Tennessee, from all over the map. It was like a gigantic VWHS class reunion--but bigger & better. What could have made them come from so far away?
It had to be something so special, a once in a lifetime event, for this giant gathering of the tribes. What it was, was The Ohio Power. Back together
again. After 38 years!!

 I had told the band members that Van Wert would show up in force, and we did.  As the earlier acts played, we milled around on the fringes of the
square, reuniting with old friends. We started jockeying for the good seats, right up front in the middle, an hour before the show. We all wondered, could
they really pull it off? Would it sound the same? After all, it had been a couple of generations ago since they last played together. Could they recapture
the "Glory Days"?

  As 11:00 PM came and went, we tried to be patient. Seeing Jeff Troy was great, and his violinist daughter was fabulous. But soon, you could hear it
welling up from the crowd, "Ohio Power, Ohio Power, Ohio Power".
  And then, there they were. On stage, again. Did I mention it had been 38 years? Would the wait be worth it? What would it sound like? Ragged glory?

  It didn't matter. And not just because, as is true so sadly often, "it was great to just see them no matter how it was." But: No, no, no. It was the power of
this music and the people playing it that was so utterly mesmerizing. H-Bomb Weck whaling away with his sticks, Gink and John Supernavage soaring
with guitar and keyboards. Harp still getting it done vocally. And, Jim McGarvey holding it all together with his bedrock bass--just like way back when. Bu
this was a different, newly updated Ohio Power. Newer songs. Rock & Roll Fantasy, indeed! Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" , with a touch of Alison Krauss!
The five guys all on drums--H-Bomb's creation called Trash Cannons! (He spent all summer building each one for his band-mates) And with a nod to the
past, a little Brownsville Station "Martian Boogie" and "Smokin' In The Boys Room" thrown in. My favorite was Bubble Puppy's "Hot Smoke & Sassafras".
Classic Ohio Power with a newe
r, tighter arrangement.

    I got to share the Ohio Power with my kids. You know how your kids always give you that look, when you talk about the old days, and the music you
loved? That look with the rolling of eyes? Well, my kids were transfixed. Absolutely stunned!  Because of this reunion, I have been able to legitimately
pass my love of music on to them. They know something great when they see it, and they saw it that night. For just this one night, everything was perfect.
Just like back in '69.
Dave Baker aka Tripp Tozzer
Hey Ohio Power,
     Just wanted to pass along from many folks in Lima, not just myself, that the performance you put on at the Square Fair was incredible! My friends
and I are too young to remember "the early years", so we had no idea what to expect. But when you began playing, we were all blown away. I
interviewed Henry earlier in the week, so I was excited to hear the set, but the people I sat with were skeptical. That went away in the first minute, and we
were all screaming for an encore at the end! The energy your band put out was incredible, and the time put into song arrangement was definitely
noticed. Great job, and I mean it when I say that the word of mouth from this performance would definitely lead to great publicity if you decide to do
this again in Lima. Thanks again for a great show, and I really hope to see you perform again some time soon.

                                         Ron Williams
                                         Lima, Ohio
Like so many friends from Van Wert, Ohio I attended Lima Square Fair this year.  The concert of Ohio Power was outstanding.  It brought many of us
back approximately 40 years to the age of rock and roll.

For me, it reminded me why I wanted to learn to play drums.  Henry was my inspiration to do that.  Though I too went out and earned money to purchase
my first and only drum set, I just couldn't develop the rhythm to do it well, and when I moved on to BGSU, I gave up the drum set.

I was moved to tears thinking back to those days.  My entire life, I have beat the air drums wishing that I would have developed whatever talent I had for
playing them.  If I had no talent, I could still picture myself again seeing Dave "Henry" Weck up there on the stage playing incredible drums.  It was one
of the best musical concerts I have seen in the last 30 some years.  I could hear the words that we all love to sing with, and the music itself was
incredible.    I enjoyed seeing both Henry and Dave Langstaff, and speaking with each of them just briefly before the concert, remembering what they
looked like before the general population in this area knew them.

I went home inspired.  I have decided to take drum lessons, or finding someone who will help me sit down and re-learn the rhythms and beats, so I too
can blow people away with the greatest drumming ever.  Thank you Henry and Dave for that.  You were again an inspiration to me, and I now have a
vision that I lost about 38 years ago.

Please keep in touch, and let me know what is going on in your lives.  It was great seeing you .  I hope in the coming month or year I can get going on
drums again and keep you updated, and again Henry, thank you for your inspiration to get the musician back into my soul!

From the Van Wert High School Class of 1969...

Terry Couts
Celina, OH.